ok here's the thing. im a bass player in my band, we're just starting over (for teh third time) and i was wondering if you could possibly help with some song lyrics. we want to follow down the path of bands such as inhale/exhale, underoath, the devil wears prada, demon hunter, stuff liek that :
if the voices in my head would give me a break every once in a while, well... i just might go fucking insane.
I think it would be cool if you use mabey some quots from the bible, i think it would be a cool idea. Im listining to Underoaths new cd right now (and its amaving, i recomend it to everyone), and most of the lyrics involve finding god and overcoming bad situations, so try writing about that. Hope i helped, although i probly didnt, lol.
Good for you guys... (sorry about the thid time though!!) Writing usually comes from where emotional things happen, like loosing a friend, or a family member, or from girls who drive you crazy in a good way (or bad). I dont know if you are religious or not, but if you are like me just pray about writing a song that will get your point out and to share Gods word. just see if you can start out with this line verse, yes its mine, yes you can use it!!

Falling to the bottom
never knowing if i'll see the light of day again
stretching but
eventually breaking...

(insert your stuff here)

IDK how old you guys are but im almost 16 and have been writing for around 2 years, the more you write the less suckier you'll get. Thats what Chris from UO told me. He is super nice. but anyways tell me how you guys are doing!

In a nutshell, I'd focus on personal struggles and how spirituality ties into them.

Hell, you can even write positive metalcore songs about being joyful. You just need to be a bit creative, and alter to tone of the screaming to not sound angry, but energized or content.

Also, check out my song "Purgatory" for an example. I'm not exactly christian (more of an agnostic), but there are christian elements in it.
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thanks a lot guys. ill see what i come up with and if i ever do get it done ill post it here for you guys. btw everyone in my band is at least 17 and a few of us have a really good relationship with god, myself being one
if the voices in my head would give me a break every once in a while, well... i just might go fucking insane.
I can write lyrics about faggy stuff but who the hell want's to listen to someone moan for three minutes.
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