my band are planing on going into a recording stuido fairly soon and we dont really know how much it will cost we are a 4 peice band and are planing on recording about 4-5 songs and was wondering roughly how much it would cose each.

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Absolutely depends on the studio, what you want to have done, and how you want to do it. Call the studios you're thinking about and ask.
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It varies greatly. FIrst of all what studio you will go to, will it just be recorded(raw tracks), mixed. How professional are they. there are so many factors that will take place. I know guys that do it for 30 bucks an hour here in cali but not the most professional , a home studio. MY college will get the recording arts students and take a 100 dollar "donation" for 6 hours of work which include set up, recording and mixing but then again they are students. It all varies.
I think it also depends on how you record, analog or digital. As dumb as that may sound, there are many people who want to record analog still, so that's a factor in itself. It probably also has a lot to do with if you guys do your parts individually or not, and also how long it takes to do each part. If you spend 3 hours trying to record ONE part, that can get to be pretty costly. I'd make sure that I had each song pretty down so that you're not wasting your time and money just trying to get one right.
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always listen to what they can do with a band that is the closest approximation of your sound. I spent a lot of money on a song that I could have done better in my bedroom (and did).

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