???? is it really good as the reviews? any bad things about it? and how does it sounds?

P.S: i play heavy/death metal, lead and soloist, so is it the guitar for me? and is there anything better for the same price? thx all
I've heard nothing but good reviews and I really want this guitar in rubbber red played it in my local guitar shop the flat neck is really great and it sounds like a beast.
Its a good axe, I have it. Only prob is the pickups and the trem which may need replacing. But in all honesty, it doesn't have enough low end for death metal, you'd be better off with a mahogany bodied guitar.
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The only real complaint would be the Edge III bridge, some people just feel the need to bash it into oblivion.
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I like my rg370dx, but i think im going to make some changes to it soon. It right now tuned to G# with some really heavy strings so if I try to tune it to like, C or something the bridge stands up or a string snap. But im otherwise happy with it. I used mine for death metal and metal in general so I'd recommend it.
Im not using it much now though, since I got a Dean.
The neck is so flat its unbelievable. I don't think it looks good in red, but blue or black would be great (I have it in Black). The only thing is that the black one looks a bit plain and bland.
Its great for metal and shreddy stuff.
You should never trust user reviews, be it on UG, Harmony Central or elsewhere. That is because guitars as the RG370dx are entry- to mid-level guitars and the people who buy them are usually young, stripped for cash and inexperienced. They hardly ever played a quality guitar and think that whatever they purchased is the dog's bollocks. I can hardly blame them, everybody has to start somewhere. But their reviews are as trustworthy as vans with 'free candy' written on them. You can read reviews for description of a guitar's features, hardly for it's quality though.

Now about the RG370DX:
Woods, electronics and craftsmanship are as good as you can expect for the price. Far from top notch quality but it's a reasonable deal because of the price. You're getting your money's worth in that case. The pickups are made with heavier music in mind so they should work for you well. They aren't the best on the market, but they get the job done convincingly.
Now a BIG letdown is the Edge 3 bridge on that thing. Mentioning it on UG is like talking about gas chambers in Israel (well, sorta). It is really really bad. That's because it is made of cheap material that'll cause it's knife edges (what the whole system rests on) to wear out after some use. It varies though; some Edge 3s from 2006 have been working fine 'til today, others have been totally screwed up right out of the box.
All in all the negative mentions are far higher in number, so I'd avoid that tremolo and the guitars it is used in. It can be swapped for an original Floyd Rose bridge, but that's another 150$ and why not buy a guitar with a good bridge from the start instead? If you want something with a double locking trem like on the RG, have a look at the Ibanez S320, it is the cheapest guitar with a professional double locking system. The pickups are a tad better than on the RG, too.
If you don't necessarily need such a trem though, look elsewhere because they are difficult to set up and not everybody wants to go through all that hassle.
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But their reviews are as trustworthy as vans with 'free candy'