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Voters: 73.
How many of you get goosebumps when listening to music?


whenever i listen to this, i'm one giant goosebump. it's wierd - i just sit there and tingle

i love it when songs do that. or are there any particular parts of songs worth mentioning?
Very much so.

However, I was expecting crappy, non-scary book/movie references. You sly boots.
Nessun Dorma does that to me everytime.

But songs like November Rain and Estranged have the same effect, Im gay for Slash.

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Me too, Goest.
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Saxon by chase and status makes me pull funny faces when it drops and i got the bass up.

It's a face of disgusted satisfaction.
Sometimes, but I was hoping you were talking about the kickass book series.
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Kind of. I'm seeing them in a week or two, I'll let you know I'm sure I will.
lucky git!!

and yeah, please do
whenever i hear the pulse version of comfortably numb i get em... happens every time...
Only sometimes.
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I chills listen while listening to "Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads today, particularly "if during the only you sing this song you'll be alright" part
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Yes, I do, there's just some songs which make me feel amazing.

Oath of Silence - Sylosis, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ_sEb6TIus from around 3:25 onwards.

Live For The Kill - Amon Amarth, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EB6DGjgpGY from around 2:40 to the end, the solo is brilliant and when Apocalyptica do their thing...*orgasm*
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the first time i remember getting them was when i heard the solo to alter bridge's open your eyes. just where miles' voice goes, "oooooo... woah-oh", then the wah slide and onwards.

jesu's wolves gets me every time.
i can't explain it.
I actually have never gotten physical goosebumps on my body.
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Stairway solo always gets me, yeah. I'm gay for Jimmy Page. Also Comfortably Numb and November Rain get me too.
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its happened a few times while i was listening to music, but its not something that happens very often.
i get goosebumps when im cold.

no other time.
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Nessun Dorma does that to me everytime.

yeah its a beautiful song.

and the last like verse of bruce springsteens jungleland. its powerful.
All of the metallica instrumentals, orion, to live is to die, call of ktulu, especially suicide and redemption because it's newer.
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the three big ones

Comfortably Numb - whole song
Leper Messiah - the last verse after solo
Rooster - chorus
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two words:

Fucking yes!!
A lot of Opeth songs give me goosebumps

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All of the metallica instrumentals, orion, to live is to die, call of ktulu, especially suicide and redemption because it's newer.

Hmm, definitely not S&R, but orion, tlitd and call of ktulu are awesome

seriously though, Simple Man by Skynyrd
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I've recently got into Avantasia and a lot their music gives me goosebumps. Especially Lost In Space (Just when it gets into the chorus) and The Seven Angels (a few parts in the song). Another one for me would be November Rain, the outro especially.
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LOL i thought this was about the book series...my bad