I realise that everyone is going to say "ur, go and listen to the music" but working out the rythm of a piece can be more difficult than it seems (many people agree with me on this) so what would be fantastic is if there was a way of doing the rythm in tablature. Loads of people have their own methods, but it would be way better if we (as the ug community) could settle on a singular method of tabbing out the rythm. Obviously for loads of songs it is easier to go and listen to the music, but the rythm tab method could be used for solos and stuff as well.

Personally i havnt thought of one yet, but i thought id broadcast the theory behind it and see if anyone else agrees with me on this, or has any ideas.

btw, if u think this ideas cr@p then dont bother writing any abuse- its really not worth it.
Blatently no one has any ideas- im gonna post this thread someplace else, and try and come up with some examples.
well i dont know what rythm is a little confused here....rhythm you mean????
but hears a quick hint learn how to read sheet music. sheet music shows you the rhythm and plus learning how to read sheet music is a good skill to know as a musician.
thanks, i can read sheet music, but there is barely any free sheet music on the net. By rythm i mean the time alloted to each note, e.g quavers, semi-quavers etc.