I do acoustic stuff, but I don't want my songs to sound all singer/songwriter like. i.e Bob Dylan. I'm genuinely fascinated by what Johnny Marr does, and want to emulate a similiar guitar sound. Can some explain to me what he actually does, what he uses, how he does it etc. Overall I want a jangly guitar sound that uses nice, rich, fuffilling chords, so any suggestion is welcome, thanks!

Edit: I dont mean through tone, I mean through songwriting i.e chords used, techniques and examples of these
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sorry, i dont mean through tone, i mean chords and technique, hopefully someone has some examples?
Take a chord progression - even a bog standard I IV V.

Play it straight alternate strumming in 4/4 time and you've got a punk rhythm.

Now, take that same progression with the same rhythm but instead split the chords. Rather than playing them straight use the notes withing the chord to pick out a melody, or use the trick of alternating a pedaled root note with the other notes of the chords.

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^ thanks, can you help me out though, what do you mean by voicings?
can anybody help me by what is meant by voicings with any examples please?
the best way is to learn songs by the smiths that are in the style you are trying to learn... so maybe songs like This Charming Man would be good
Youtube covers