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I have a Crate V33. Right now I have an EHX Graphic Fuzz which I'm not that thrilled with. I'm going to sell it and get either of the two sets. Help me out.

Option A:
Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz, Transparent Overdrive, and Fish n Chips EQ.
Total: $97

Option B:
Jekyll and Hyde
Total: $150

I really like fuzz tones, so I'm leaning towards A, because I'm afraid B won't be able to get them.
B wont really get you fuzz tones, but its a higher quality pedal than the dano stuff. the fish n chips is pretty decent, but i tend to stay away from dano pedals for the most part. option A will give you more options, but B will provide you with higher quality that is more likely to last a while.