Ok so I bought the line six tone port with guitar gear box and first thing I noticed was a 3.1 plug in the back for 1 tiny PC type speaker . Which i thought why can't I just play
and listen to the speakers already attached to my PC ? And how can I record riffs and etc. off the Tone port with just one jack also ?

sss strat
TEX MEX strat
MIM strat .
v18 crate amp
Line 6 gx toneport
etc .
Quote by sam b
Read the instructions. It's very straight forward.

Gee That was helpful . Next !!!

I'll explain, but seriously.... read the instructions next time like everyone else does..

How to record
Plug the USB cable it came with into your computer and the toneport.
Open Gearbox
Download Audacity (Beta)
Open Audacity
Go to... Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O > Recording Device > Select 'MME: Line 6 TonePort GX' > Ok

How to listen
The jack in the back of the toneport can be used for headphones, as a line out to an amp or speakers.

If you have headphones, I'd advise using them, as you get a clearer, more true sound.

If you want to play through your amp (if your amp has a Line out jack and you have the right lead), plug your guitar into the front of the toneport as usual, then connect the toneport to the amp via the jack on the back and the line in jack on your amp.

There... Understand?
You'd have to be pretty stupid not to