So my band has made a song with that classic funk sound and it's looking like I'm gonna end up singing it. I'm looking for some real advice as to writing funk. I'm gonna be playing bass too so it can't be anything too complicated, I mean I'm good but I'm no Larry Graham
sing about 'having the funk.' that usually works
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Sing about what you love or hate. If the lyrics mean something to you, you'll sing them with meaning. To be honest I think its gonna be the music which is gonna determine more so if its funk or not.
this isn't the red hot chilli pepper sound, it's a parliament and central station sound
One of the problems here is that a lot of funk artist have some serious...inspiration. Acid, mainly. And they see all this shit, and in a daze they write songs.

Okay, maybe that's not the standard, but it starts off what I'm going to say next.

Look at things around you. Look at how light flows and the stars move slowly in the sky and think about how colors in nature create perfect balances in no ways we can artificially. Think about current events, like Iraq and the terror of a potential economy crisis. Think about a girl you like, or how you're feeling write now.

Funk is a lot of just pouring emotion into a song, and that's how the lyrics should sound.
if you want the cheezy james brown funk sing about terrible cliched sex stuff
like 'sex machine' does
that cant be too hard though why you'd want to do it i have no clue.
maybe sing about something quirky and unusual, or tell a crazy story.
if you dont do drugs jus eat a lot of sherbert then try to write then ;P
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lol idk wutever u want i guess. just do wut the chili peppers do lol.

why? they don't play funk.

But really, there are a couple different approaches to Funk. P-funk style which is more complex, metaphorical rhymes and earlier style, which is usually more basic lyrics, similar to the blues even, and lots of repeated phrases.
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