Yo peeps, Im off to buy me the Ibanez RG08 limited edtion tomorow, its totaly sexy as some of you know.

I just need to know how much i can trust the bridge on this, Its an Edge lll aparently, and the only other thread on UG that asks about the bridge doesnt give a huge amount of detail.

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You'll be fine with it as long as you don't plan on wanglin' it too much.
It'll last you anywhere between a few months and a few years depending on how well it's taken care of, but assuming you take care of it well and you use it for moderate whammying, it'll probably last you about a year, the best option then would be to get an OFR for it.
hmm, Original Floyd Rose seems ever more popular, do you rekon id be able to get in gold to match the rest of the hardware on the guitar?
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hmm, Original Floyd Rose seems ever more popular, do you rekon id be able to get in gold to match the rest of the hardware on the guitar?

I can't see why not, just order it off the internet.

It's usually a direct fit, you may just need some easy sanding if it doesn't fit compeltely.
When Ibanez got burned with Floyd Rose patent fees for every Edge Pro II, they produced the Edge III, which coincided with moving most of the RG line production to the Indonesian sweatshops. Edge III, although a replacement for Edge Pro II, is designed for even cheaper guitars. It's not low profile, and it's made out of the cheapest tremolo meat you can find. Edge III bridges break, crack, shatter, scratch. The knife edges wear out at a speed that might rival the LoTRS, and the saddle screws tend to strip after one real-life intonation. Unfortunately, Edge III accounts for fifty percent of the Ibanez bridges produced, and most affordable guitars in the lineup have that tremolo.

On the upside, while EIII lasts, it's a fairly pleasant machine to use, and like the EPII, it has replaceable knife edge plates. Regardless, it's always a good idea to buy an Ibanez with an Edge Pro, or stick to a hardtail in case a Prestige is outside of your price range. Most of Edge III buyers are either first-time users who failed to do their research or people with money to burn. If you're reading this, you're already not the former, and hopefully not the latter.

Source: http://lawl.net/gtr/trems

Pretty much every Ibanez tremolo system is on that site and they give in depth the pros and cons of each. . . notice the green one's are good, the red one's are bad(the text above where it states the name of the system)

As for my thoughts on what you should remedy it with, Edge Pro system may be interchangeable and they are nice. If you step outside of Ibanez trem's Kahler or Floyd rose. . . those are a nice way to go.
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The Edge Pro doesn't fit into the Edge III route.
Heck the OFR doesn't even fit into it, it's not as "direct" a swap as people make out, there is slight modifications you'll need to do.

Though you won't need to worry for a while (assuming you don't go all kamikaze on the trem and you do take care of it), you should take the time that the Edge III is holding up to save for that OFR