cool! but "extreme" metal..I dunno

nice stuff

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I agree that I'm not sure if it's extreme metal. That doesn't matter though, it's really good! Nice recording setup, and some really good riffs in there, as well as good use of synth and drums. Only thing I can say is make the guitar a little less repetitive really.

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Really liked that, the lead melodys were nicely done, but one think i woulda improved on is making the drums a bit louder in the mix. Otherwise, it was all good volume and playing wise. Had me headbanging!
Thx for the crits guyz

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DESU rules man, awesome song, and from aberdeen, im in edinbugh at the mo, you at uni?

Thanks, no, i just work at makro right now, no college or uni, i want to take music, so bad, but it was full this year, ive never taken it before, or had guitar lessons
The first riff and a few others are not really my style. The song sounds a bit deathcoreish, and Im not really digging the synth choirs parts. They kind of sound like a video game soundtrack. That being said the production sounds very tight, especially for a home recording and its obvious that you have some riffage talent. Wish I could give you a better crit, just not really my style. Keep it up man.
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