I'm starting to build up another pedal board, and my 2 other electrics cover my needs adequately. I believe this is a 2006 model, and does not have any scratches/ dings. The guy that I bought it from completely re-shielded the cavities with copper tape. I got it and installed the Bigsby B5. It comes with the tweed case in the picture, the stock 6 saddle bridge, and a Wilkinson 3 saddle, bridge. I would prefer to trade it for some nice pedals. If you would be interested in buying it, shoot me a PM.

Things I'm interested in:
Anything Electro Harmonix (Microsynth, POG, etc)
Good OD Pedal
Keeley Modded pedals

But feel free to try me with anything reasonable

Note: The stock knobs and strap buttons have been reinstalled since these pictures were taken.



Dude you had pictures of this on UG when you first got it right? Its soo nice, inspired me to buy a tele

Bump for AWESOME guitar, i'm not a fan of Bigsby's, but that looks lush!

Good work!
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