I have a EC-100QM and put an EMG 81 in the bridge. The other day my friend came over with his EC-1000 and was playing that through my amp and for some reason the tone on my 100QM seemed to be fuller and seemed to sound better overall than the 1000. We didn't change the settings on the amp and we did change his battery to see if that was it but nothing we did made it sound better and i was wondering why the 1000 which costs 500 dollars more sound hollow and less responsive than my 100QM? thanks
Preference? Tone is subjective, so it's not impossible to say that the EC-100QM sounds better than the EC-1000.
Active pickups tend to affect the Headroom of the amp, and for some reason, the same settings don't transfer over to them. . . . You have to tweak them differently, I've played guitars without Active pickups on a 6505+ head with a Red voodoo cab and it sounded great, whenever I plugged in my EC 1000, things got ugly and I had to retweak the EQ parameters.

I'm not saying but I would need to know, is your 100QM running both active pickups and where is your 81, neck or bridge?

Edit #2:

Sorry, I just reread your post and noticed you actually stated. . . . what pickup settings were you using when playing as opposed to his. . . . .
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Hold on, did you replace all the electronics with your EC-100QM? Are both pickups active?