Why won't companies do it?

The same rules apply to every school in the entire world, as well as ANY company with a boss:

If it's logical, and makes sense, and has the potential to solve a lot of issues at once, it just won't happen.

General Motors in Canada received a suggestion from one of it's employees. The idea was to have designated parking out front for the new Chevrolet Volt's that the workers owned. This area was to have "charge stations" (as the Volt is run entirely on electricity) so the workers could charge the car, while they work, for the ride home. This would also provide free advertising for the workers as well as passers-by. This would benefit GM in three ways:

1. It would provide advertising for the Volt.
2. It would show the world GM is environmentally friendly.
3. The parking/charge stations would make workers more happy, improving overall worker morale, thus (in theory) improving production.

Not to mention the rest of the God-damn world, but for those who know, GM is in a relatively poor economical position, and can't afford to miss out on any of the sales it gets.

So why did GM deny this suggestion? Thoughts? Do you have a situation where the same thing happened to you?
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They probably made studies that showed that it'd cost them more money than they would get if they did it.
Because the electric bill would be enormous.
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Sometimes the most logical decision is not the best one to make.

Sometimes, its not even the most logical.
If they were super rich anyway they wouldn't do this either.
companies are interested in two things: money and security.

if something is potentially lucrative but has any risk at all, its denied.
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companies are interested in two things: money and security.

if something is potentially lucrative but has any risk at all, its denied.

I think they carefully examine risk vs reward, I wouldn't go so far to say that if it has any risk it would be denied. Nearly all business operation carries some risk; for example researching and releasing a new product costs lots of money and is usually far from a guaranteed payoff but many companies still take said risk. Many companies take even larger risks in their business such as getting involved with sub prime mortgages would have been.
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