hey guys , this is my first post and i'm getting a new guitar, but need your help!!!! I'm thinking of getting the White B.C. Rich Revenge Warlock for $300 (+coupon). I'm probably going ot play with the basic tuning of DAFCGD or DADGBE something along those lines because i mainly play metal or hardrock. I'm pretty experienced (1 1/2 yrs.) have a great teacher and i need your help. Based on my info given here, do you think this is a good guitar for me? Please don't tell me to get like a Les Paul or prestige ibanez model because i only want to pay around $200-300. Thanks please reply soon!!! FIRST POST!!

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Quote by TimBFMV

Dude...god no.

Don't get a lower-end BC Rich, they're notoriously poor quality.

I would +1 the RG2EX1. It's in your price range, and will be a lot better quality than a low-end BC. Maybe check out other lower end Ibanez S and RG - the RG321MH might interest you too.