I have my first tube amp and I'm switching the tubes out... I'm buying some new tubes and it says i can buy a soft, medium, or hard quartet... wtf does the soft/medium/hard mean?
basically it means how easily the tubes are distorted. Low means that they will distort easy. Medium is of course will take some volume to distort. Hard hare tubes that jazz players like to use since they they dont really distort at higher volumes
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Are you looking at power amp tubes?

Go high, you need the clean headroom. High gain amps have many gain stage cascades in the preamp to get all the gain you need.
Okay, this is what I'm looking at:


I'm replacing the 4 poweramp tubes in my Bugera 6262 head and I don't know if I need to get the Soft, Medium, or Hard Quartet. I play in D Standard tuning and mainly play death/progressive/thrash metal (Death, Opeth, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Slayer, Megadeth, etc.). I'm mainly concerned with a good distortion sound but I do use my clean channel. So which do I get for my style and please explain why?
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do you use any pedals

Just a noise gate (ISP Decimator) in the effects loop.
how high do you turn up the volume before they distort now? like 1-10. if it starts to get good distortion at 8 or higher you've already got hard tubes. if it distorts around 41/2-7 you probably got medium. and if it distorts sooner you've got soft tubes. Now just decide wether you like what you've got or wether you'd rather go one way or the other.
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get low for more dist. if you like power amp dist, but if you like preamp (modern metal) then get hard
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