Ok, so I can alternative pick pretty fast, but that's not my problem.

Problem:I switch pick finger position when alternative picking to playing palm muted chords.

Is this normal?

Usually I have my thumb on the bottom of the pick and my index and middle finger on top when alternative picking. This equals three fingers controlling the pick.


When I go to play chords, or palm mute strings i change to a 2 finger pick position. Just my Index finger and thumb.

This causes weird changes that are hard to do since I need to be making the switch fast.

Is this normal, or a bad habit. Should I just use one picking style for everything?
Do I need to just practice the switches?
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I believe Eddie Van Halen uses the 3 finger method for alternate picking. Personally I prefer the Paul Gilbert style where the pick rests on the side of the index finger. As for switching picking positions for different playing styles it shouldn't really matter. There's a million different ways to play the guitar so just stick with what you're comfortable with and keep practicing, you'll eventually work out the kinks along the way.
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I think its perfectly fine to switch the way you hold your pick, but personally, I would try to stay away from the 3 finger thing.

Not that the 3 finger thing cant work for you. A lot of very successful players hold their pick "weird". (Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Page, Marty Friedman, Pat Metheny)
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You should try to use one picking style as much as possible. But if you can't, use the most comfortable way for you.
I can use all picking styles for all picking methods, but i prefer the ones most comfortable for me. I can alternative pick with only 2 fingers but I prefer 3 because it gives me way more control and a tighter sound.
Alternative Picking? Does that make you play like Green Day or Fall Out Boy?!?! Coolzzz!!!!

On a more serious note....

I would try and stick with one picking style as much as possible unless that transition you described becomes very smooth and hastle -free
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