I've been playing guitar, and have learned pretty fast,but have yet to buy an electric.
my price range is $300 or less....
so what kind of guitar should i get??
i've been thinking of an epiphone g-400
if you can, save another hundred and get a telecaster. seriously really amazing instrument.
but it would help alot if you told us what style of music you want to play.
it varies alot.
I listen to hardcore stuff mainly but still love playing some softer rock
G-400 are okay.... i would look used with that amount of money.

Try an Ec-500 or Epi Lp Standard.

or check out rondomusic.com
If you're really sure that you want to continue to play the guitar (and that know you still will be sure in the next month, year and/or decade), you should get some serious stuff!

Epiphone isn't bad if you get a good instrument, but if you mean buisness you should go for the real deal. It'll be expensive at first, but the results will be way more satisfying and away from that, you can sell 'em for more than just last months heatin' bill if you decide to give up on the guitar (in the future).
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Ever thought about an Ibanez RG321? My favourite in that price range, beats the g-400 concerning sound and playability. It looks rather boring though and the sound is pretty 'modern', meaning it works better for heavy rock than for softer stuff.
It's a pretty basic instrument: 2 humbuckers, fixed bridge, nothing special. I like guitars that way, but if you want a tremolo or single coils you have to look somewhere else (Yamaha!).

Of course, saving up and getting a better guitar is not a bad idea either.
And don't forget that your amp is what makes the biggest sound difference. Most of the time, an amp upgrade will bring better results than a guitar upgrade.
I've checked out Ebay- the g-400 hundreds there are practically the same price as the lower grade g-310($230)
alright well...telecasters arent exactly great for metalcore really.
i've heard good things about epiphone so i say go for it. not exactly sure how it will sound cause ive never played one. but good things i heard.

go to a guitar place and try it out! For a while i wanted an esp guitar. their cheapest line may just be in your range, and they're pretty good metal guitars. and i really can't think of any other guitar companies i looked into (fender is about $100 out of your range, and after playing my friend's squier, dont go there dude, dont go there).
yeah.... but that's a (horrible quality) acoustic, and my other acoustic sucks to.
im looking to invest in an Electric
The G-400's sound okay but I picked one up at a store and within three minutes of playing i thought it felt kinda plasticky or something, i dno i dont like the feel and ive heard that from other people so try it out.
These are supposed to be pretty decent but check out ibanez and other epiphones if you wanna go new, you can probably find an ltd used or a used MIM HSS strat or something too
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