I'm not 100% certain if I am in the right forum but I have a quick question that I'd appreciate if it could be answered concisely and correctly.

A few months ago I saw a pretty epic Maryland band play a show in my area and the guitarists had workman's lights? on the top of their amplifiers. When they played the lights would specifically flash on and off on the most dynamic and pivotal points of the songs. Sometimes they would stay on for a quite a while but it was all controlled and beautiful. They also had a few hollow wooden (plywood?) boxes lined along the front of the stage which also had lights in them as seen in the links




A) what exactly is that called?

B) how can I make it?

p.s. I honestly don't want to let the band know what I'm up to so please refrain from suggesting that I speak to them about it.
From your pictures and description I can't tell what the hell you're on about or what the band in question are doing. However, the fact that you are trying to work this out in secret without the band's prior knowledge makes me think you're trying to plain rip them off ideas. Get your own ideas dude!
one idea could just be to put a bunch of lights into boxes. adn i mean like, go to walmart and buy a few $10 lamps and put them in there. then just rig up an on/off switch that you place in your pedal board.

epic moment in the song begins, hit the pedal. when its over, turn them off.

thats the simple way.
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They buy nice lights, and their merch guy flicks them on and off..


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