Im looking for some pickups with the biggest, fattest, bassiest, punchiest sound I can get for a reasonable price. Itd be nice if I could get some treble out of them, but mainly I need that fat bass tone.
If your amp can't do that for you already, it's time for an upgrade my friend.
what size pickups?
what bass are they going in?

whatever the answers are for these questions i can pretty much already say that seymour duncan quarter pounders will do nicely.

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If your amp can't do that for you already, it's time for an upgrade my friend.

My amp has already got me as close as I can without better pickups. I have pretty low line EMG's.

And I just want a better bass in general. Eventually Im getting a badassII and a new nut, and Ill be set for life with the bass I have.

But to the poster above, link?
So what kind of bass do you have? What kind of amp do you have? (For futurereference, telling us is a big help.)
Fernandes gravity, Kustom 200b.

My gravity is old though, before they started being put in stores already with the gotoh tuners, the badassII's, etc. Id be mad, except the bass was like 800$ when I got it, and the new ones are like $1200. So the cost of getting the parts and having my luthier install them is cheaper then getting it new with all the shit.
Bartolini. bassy, fat, and just sexy.
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