I have an idea but I don't know how to carry it out. I was thinking about this- I was hoping somebody had a way to run a signal through the same path TWICE. For example I have a TS808, but to add some versatility as a metallish distortion, I could run it through the TS808 chip two times to double the dist and make a metal sound. Anyone have a schem?
That wouldn't work. I'm sorry to be negative, but it wouldn't. You can't (well, as far as analogue technology goes) split the signal on the output into "gone through once" and "gone through twice," it will all either go to the amp or all go back to the chip.
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You can make a true-bypass box with a feedback pot (sends user-variable ammounts of the signal back to the input). There's a schem for one on beavis audio.


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