hey everyone, i'm a high school-aged (16 year old) guitar player looking to form a band with a vibe like the junior varsity, park, jimmy eat world, bands with that kind of sound. i want to play high energy shows and have a great time. i've been playing guitar for 4 or so years, i've got gig-ready gear and dedication.

now, i'm looking for people who are preferably my age, but it's definitely not the most important factor, if you have dedication to play, i'd be down. looking for a second guitar (someone to play lead?), bass, drums, maybe a synth/keyboard player, and of course vocals would be a big plus, i myself am not a vocalist. despite school, i have a quite flexible schedule that would pretty much work with anyone else's schedule.

i'd just like to give it a try, play some basement shows or small venues or something, give it a try. if this sounds at all interesting, hit me up for sure, so we can get to know each other, or if you have any questions feel more than free to send me an e-mail at ohyeah12321@gmail.com or send me a PM/ write on my wall. thanks! -NorthStarRock
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