Hey there guys, theres a guy here in Edinburgh selling A 1974 gibson SG for £850. Before you ask I haven't got any pics, but the seller says its in very good condition. I dont know whether a case is included. Do you think £850 is a good price? Thats about 1700 US Dollars, but guitars are always more expensive here in the UK

Any ideas for value?
That's a good price, especially considering its age.


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^ Plus it will appreciate, since it's semi-vintage, and will most likely be of a higher quality than a modern SG for the same reason.
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Sounds good to me, make sure to post some picks if you buy it!
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I own an SG from '74, and it's fairly good. To be honest, I prefer my Epiphone G-400 over it, but that's because of the neck profile and the pickups.

The one I have has mini-humbuckers, which I really don't like...

But, that sounds like like a steal of a price. I got offered $2,500 for my SG, which is more then what you're paying when you convert it. Mine is the "Special" model though, which may be worth more or less.
If it's in good condition, then yeah, great price.

I played a wonderful 70s SG last year I usually hate SGs, but it was perfect.
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play it first, it may be a dud. even in the earlier gibson days there were bad guitars put out, just far less of them.

most likely it should be good though and thats a great deal for a vintage sg.
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hey there guys, an update on the guitar. It only has one original pickup, the other is a Dimarzio, which is over 10 years old. Still think its a good buy?
Yeah, buy it! But play it first...
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