I have an ok Bass(Slammer Chaparral CP-4, P-bass look-alike) with a terrible amp(Dean Markley K20BX).I was wondering if i should buy a new bass or a new amp?If i would go with a new amp i would also by some new pickups.what should i do?

by the way i have had my eye on a Gallien Kruger Backline 600/Goldline Half stack and EMG PHZ Passive pickups.
I dont have a lot of money so if you say i should by a new bass make sure it is around 300-600$.
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New amp.

As everyone is going to suggest look at the Ashdown range.

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I am going to suggest Acoustic. and using the money leftover to either buy a new bass or save for one.
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New amp.

As eveyone is going to suggest look at the Ashdown range.

+1 ashdown.
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