Ive been playing now for around 4 years now and i want a new guitar. i already have a washburn x200 pro e with EMG 81/81 pick ups which is designated as my 'Metal Guitar.' but now im wanting a more jazzy, bluesy guitar with better clean. i've decided upon a fender lite ash strat.
now im stuck between two and want to ask which one looks better

theres a black one
a white one

Thanks for your participation in me getting my new guitar!
id say the white one
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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Wow, that is a tough choice lol, id go with the white one just because i think it ads more life than a solid black guitar
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the black one might look dirtier faster but it looks a lot like the david gilmour sig guitar
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I would suggest reposting here.

And for the record, i would go with the white one