Just saw this on another forum, though the pit might wanna discuss this issue. If this goes ahead, the Aussie Government will be block access to any page they decide is unsuitable for our viewing. There is speculation that this means any page they decide should get an R18+ should be censored.

What do you guys think about this? IMO, I think it's atrocious and disgusting.
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EDIT: Here's some more info on it: http://nocleanfeed.com/
Go to the take action bit and at least send an email. It probably won't do much, but it's better than doing nothing.
Petition: http://petitions.takingitglobal.org/oznetcensorship
Haha, "6935 have signed so far - help us get to 1,000. We have achieved 693.5% of our goal. Let's keep going!"
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That's some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard.

It's about time you guys got yourselves a Bill of Rights.
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thou must use proxy severs
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However punters who think that the opt-out proviso would remove content filtering altogether will be sadly mistaken. The Australian government is using he opportunity to delete any sites it thinks are not good for the health of the nation. Apparently this will allow porn, but could rule out sites that the government thinks should not be looked at, including controversial legal issues like legalising Marijuana or Euthanasia. It could also be used to stamp out legitimate protest sites whose members have a beef with the government.

What the hell... Who would allow a government to try and do this? And why would anyone allow it.
Of course, the only opinions that the press pays any attention to are those 50 year old soccer moms that are always like
"WE MUHST PERTECT AHR KIDS FROM THAR INTERWEBSUH!!!!111 Whats if they lookie at pzorns?"
Get over it.

Doesn't Australia already have free filter programs?

Plus, if the government gets this crap on your computer and in a year decides to punish people to even attempt to access the stuff, all I can think about is Farenheit 451.
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is this restriction for people over 18 to? that just seems unfair.
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thou must use proxy severs

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You'd think a land of former criminals would ban censorship.

I guess not.
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