I found a really old acoustic, with the brand name Valencia on the headstock. I was if this wondering if this was worth anything? I have no pics sorry
Anyone know anything about Valencia Guitars?
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I think rondomusic sells Valencia guitars... read as probably not worth much.
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Isn't valencia a type of orange? ? haha. Kidding.

But on a more serious note, i've never even heard of the brand.
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I have a Valencia TC-30 it's really bad the top is laminated and it's just overall cheap, but I've heard of good models with alright tone. How much is this one my TC-30 is $90 AUD.
I have a 30 year old valencia, not sure which model. It sounds pretty sweet actually but the neck is really unplayable.
They are good guitars.
I have learned with one this summer, my old CG-170, and I absolutely love it.
The quality depends on your model of course, but overall they're good learning guitars, before you get an electric one, for example.
They're ok, my school uses them as the introductory guitar to the year 8 music course. Most of what I've seen though is that they are more affordable, and aren't worth that much, but I've only ever played the beginner models from their brand.