I have a peavey valveking 112....and its started buzzing, and i'm getting no volume out of it, completley unplayable...but i would like to get it repaired.....do you think its too far gone to be repaired ? and if not, how much do you think it will take to fix?
Look at your power tubes. Do they light up when you turn the amp on? Are any of them RED?

If they don't light up then they're dead. If any of them are red it means they need to be changed.
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All of the tubes light up...i replaced them...still having the problem...the power tubes power up fine... i also replaced the pre amp tubes...but they dont seem to burn as bright as when the amp worked...even with the new tubes...
when did you replace them?
why did you replace them?
who replaced them?
what was replaced exactly?
when did this problem begin?

how do you power your amp on and off? Explain it.

did the buzzing just now start, or did it build up, or has anything changed in your environment?
i replaced them not too long ago
i replaced them to try to fix the problem
i replaced them myself because they were the same type of tubes i had before
i replaced all the power and pre amp tubes
the problem began before i even put the new tubes in
and i power it up by letting it warm up on standy then turning the main power on

and it just happened all of a sudden...one day i turned on my amp and it was just there
Check speaker connections, check all the wires inside.

Rebias the tubes just incase, failing that take it to a tech.
these amps don't need to be biased unless you completely switch to a different tube (6L6 to EL84 or 12AX7 to 12ATs).

worn or bad cable?
worn or bad Insert jack on guitar or amp?
buzzy pedal or bad battery?
too much stuff plugged into one outlet socket?
can you try your guitar in Insert #2 and maybe put a dummy jack in Insert #1?
can you try a different guitar on your amp?
is your guitar propery shielded and grounded? - it is possible a grounding wire in guitar came loose.

Also, things like florescent lights, computer monitors, cell phones, TVs, radios, microwaves, etc all can cause a buzzing but I don't think that is you as you said it happened all the sudden with no changes to environment.

If you try to repair under warranty do not tell them you changed the tubes (believe it or not, that 'could' negate your warranty.

and i don't know if this is the cause, but do not 'warm' your amp up by using Standby and then Power. It is the other way around.

Power on (let sit for 30-60 seconds)
Standby on (now both swithes are in up position)
Standby off (to take a break or swap cables around whatever - then Standby back on)
Standby off then Power off when done

^not all amps are the same but this is true for most Peaveys and certainly the VK.
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