Now, we all know the deal with Chinese Democracy and, honestly, I don't give a damn about your opinions of it or the single or what you've heard, I just have a simple question. So I know Chinese Democracy is set for release on November 23rd, so why, on does it read that the release date is November 25th? Please, no arguements, at least until I have an answer to the question.

-Berko =)

And R.I.P. Samantha
Yeah, you're right Jackal. They just released the first single, track listing, album art, and cemented release date for show. What was I thinking?

And R.I.P. Samantha
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Finally! Someone finally got around to making a thread about this.

I KNOW! I was all, "WTF!??! Why haven't I heard about Chinese Democracy yet?"

Luckily, the pit never fails me in providing first rate news.