is there any way to check if what pickups are working. I recently got a new used guitar to fix up, and the guitar is only making sound when the 3 way is in the upper most position and is silent in the other two, how could I check if it was the switch or the pickups. thanks guys!

edit: thanks guys, I popped a new 3 way into her, works like a charm, thanks guys!
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What style of guitar is it?
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you could wire the pickup straight to the output jack and see if it produces sound then. heck you could even take it out of the guitar and attach it to the jack. hook it up to the amp and tap the poles with something metal. if it makes a noise, the pickup is ok. if not, the pickup is shot.
If the pickups are producing an output (sound) in any popsition, then you already know it must be either the switch, or more likely, a bad wiring/soldering job.

Just re-solder every connection (use new wire too), and I'd bet hard cash that that will fix it. Most electronics problems in guitars just come down to old/dry/poor soldering or a simple broken wire.
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