well this is a rock song
ive given up classifying things so you can call it what you want it to be

EDIT: Rough Draft Is Done
Rock SOng.zip
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The intro is quite catchy imo. I think you might have overdone it, but it is a nice riff. This has some great potential, try arpeggiating chords for the chorus, and throw a tasty solo in there.

There's not a whole lot to look at, though, sorry.
This feels very empty. You might wanna add some rhythm guitar. Or if that's your rhythm guitar then I might classify this as black metal because first the feeling is way to generic. So you might wanna improvise on how you can change the rhythm of the song. Still the same notes again and again will eventually drive you nuts... Good Try still. Looking forward to the solo

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You really need to try to learn some basic theory. I don't know what else to say. It's not a song, it's got no flow, it's just random and atonal and it doesn't go anywhere. The solo sounds like you picked random notes and put it in a random pattern.

Sorry man, it just doesn't sound good.