I am dying to find this tab, I have searched long and hard and have had no luck at all

It is a Mexican song called "Sabor A Mi" arranged by Ruben Delgado. The song was originally composed by Alvaro Carillo, and is a nice bolero classic, but Ruben Delgado does a fantastic Fingerstyle arrangement to this Latin Classic

Ruben Delgado is a guitarist and teacher who has released books with tablatures to his arrangements of mexican folk music under Mel Bay called "Music of Mexico" Volumes 1, 2 and 3. His beautiful arrangement to "Sabor A Mi" is on Volume 2, but the book is no longer in print. I have searched long and hard and have had no luck finding it, I can only find Volume 1 which has other arrangements to other songs. I was willing to buy Volume 2 for this tab but they don't even make it anymore..


Here is a video on youtube of a rendition to Ruben Delgado's fingerstyle arrangement of "Sabor A Mi"

PLEASE if anyone has the tab to this song or can tab this song for me, please contact me, my email is


Thanks amigos
Luis "Lucho" Mendoza
thanks friend

I'm tryin to tab this song, but so far not having much luck, can any1 be of any assistance and help out?