Hi, 29 Male Lead/Rythm Guitarist.......Pretty new to this as you have guessed, well to the point, I need a songwriting partner who can either play lead or rythm or both, My song's are all classified copyright, which cost me a bloody fortune but they will be worth it if someone has same styles and want's to write more, I am looking for a songwriting duo, My influeneces are The Beatles (Does'nt everyone just say that, Yes, because if you want to be good, you have to better them, simple as...Everything 60's, Paul Weller, OCS, Kula Shaker, But don't be fooled as my tastes vary from The Carpenters to Slayer, Anyone with broad range of musical ideas and can lend a helping piece of music......Situated in the North East of England, Northumberland, Thank you Steven,

P.S ABBA Fans Please