Ok, so I was on the phone with my brother, and I sat my guitar down to get up and listen to a song he was talking about on my computer. As I walked away, I tripped over the cable that was plugged into my guitar, pulling the guitar off the couch and causing it to fall to the floor. I don't think it suffered too much permanent damage (just one small paint chip from what I have found so far).

Anyway, now that you know how I got to where I am, let me explain my question. I noticed now that my FR bridge is unbalanced. Not in the usual way, from front to back, but from right to left (between the pivot screws, or across all the strings). The side of the high E string is more elevated than the side of the low E string. I never noticed it before, but it could have been like this since it was setup, you know, supposed to be that way. I don't know though. My action seems to still be consistent across different strings, and I was thinking that maybe this unbalance could be to compensate for the change in string gauge as you move toward that side of the bridge. Again, I don't know. Is this just the way my guitar is set up to be, or is something wrong?

Please, no jabs about being a dummy and tripping over the cord, I've suffered enough already .
Pic would help A LOT for me.
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Usually the thicker strings will be higher than the thinner ones, but yes a picture will help. I could imagine that MAYBE one of the springs in the trem cavity popped out. Did the guitar go out of tune? maybe just open the back and check.
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No, I already checked the springs, they are intact. The guitar is still in tune too.

I took this photo, but the glossy black finish doesn't really help, so I drew some red lines to help illustrate the situation. Sorry about the cropping, but that was the only way to get the image size and file size low enough to attach it.
Think about it for a second...the bridge is a solid (unless it's an Edge 3) piece of metal. It isn't physically possible for the springs to cause a mismatch in heights, the only way that could happen is if the bridge plate had actually bent.

It was most likely already like that, if you don't like it then just lower the action on the treble side. If it wasn't then you could possibly have dislodged a trem post or bent the bridge plate but I doubt it.
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