I just recently played one of the newer American Strats the other day (the price was around 999 bucks, that one)

I never had a feel for strats much, but my god the one that i played (maple fretboard, olympic white finish) was as playable as it was beautiful!
the feeling was very smooth, and I've never had that kind of luck with other strats before, plus the bridge is really well set up (no annoying nuts or uneven string levels)

I love the playability, but I'm a sucker for the balls that humbuckers give that single coils can't

so is there any single coil pickup recommendation to get a more ballsy humbucker sound out of a strat?
I'd appreciate any info i can get my hands on
I don't know if many people will agree with me, but I like hot rails, I'm thinking about throwing one in my strat. While it doesn't sound quite like a bucker, it does have some balls. A lace red would probably be a good choice too, though I still need to try one.

You could always get an HSS pickguard and throw a humbucker in there.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
theres a lot of different humbuckers you can put in single coil strat sized slots. not to mention that with a dremel you can make just about any pickup fit in a strat easily if you wanted to. id suggest maybe a tone zone for the bridge. they make versions specifically for the strat that would fit in the bridge pup slot and theyre are many other strat specific strat single coil sized buckers. duncan even has an "everything axe" kit i believe its called with all three new pickups that make it like a HSH pup setup and it drops right into a strat without modification.
which would be better for the neck pickup, the jb jr or the hot rails?

and tbh, i just dont like the look of an HSS strat
picky, i know