I tried to google this but didn't succeed.

I have a single humbucker. DiMarzio D-Activator. I want to wire it alone with only a potentiometer. I followed the manual that came with the pickup and end up doing this:

Black and white from pickup soldered together, no ground.

Red from pickup to potentiometer 1.
White form jack to potentiometer 2.
Potentiometer 3 bent and soldered to ground.

Green from pickup to ground.
Bridge to ground.
Black from jack to ground.

It works fine but I'm having some issues with some rf noise at high levels. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!
Invader, by shielding you mean this?


guitarcam123, ground means I soldered it to the back of the volume pot, yes. But the cable that is soldered to the tremolo plate thingie in the back also goes to the back of the pot.

I need to know is if this setup should work fine or something may be improved to avoid unwanted noise. Shielding would do any signitifant good? Thanks, guys!
C0ma: yup, that's what I meant. The guitar nuts link on that page will prolly be easier to understand and is more to-the-point.

Your grounds are right (as in standard), but the guitar nuts link shows you how to do it 'right'.