I'm partial to "My Sacrifice", but that's about it. Maybe "With Arms Wide Open", as well.

I've moved on and now I'm a big Alter Bridge fan.
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i thought human clay was their second album? isnt My Own Prison the first?

anyway, yea i still like creed. hate on me all you want but some of the songs are pretty good (not all of them, mind you). and mark tremonti owns, so i too listen to alter bridge.
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i thought Human Clay was there first album? maybe i was wrong...but yeah i like the solo he did in "Inside us all" the really fast part? that solo is just mind blowing to me..

find ahavo rabo taco salad its pretty sick, i think he did that for guitar world or something. yea hes a great guitar player, very underrated. im still not sure i like miles kennedy on vox though--hes got a great voice but i cant really feel it.

oh, and yea My Own Prison is their first album, then Human Clay, then Weathered.
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