I recorded this beast in like two minutes, just a little jam I did to try out my impromtu bluesin. Critique anyone?


All by myself

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In relation to All By Myself I thought it was pretty good. I liked your phrasing between various licks and such. You're soloing was solid.
Some criticism would be your timing though, I think it clashed a bit with the backing you put down so there were long pauses and then the rhythm part would come in at the same time as the soloing so it sounded quite cluttered. Maybe make the backing track (rhythm) have a bit more of a constant beat so its easier to keep your timing on your solo and separate the two.
Also maybe with your soloing find one riff that works and then work from that but keep coming back to it so your solo has a little more structure, kind of like a chorus within the solo. Very Nice Job! Keep practicing.
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