that was a pretty cool video.

I didn't consider that a 'machine effect' necessarily. I call that a 'rubbery' sound like off Master of Puppets. Did you see that monster multi fx station he was using? That is a big part of it I'm sure. Didn't catch it, but was prolly a TC Electronics or a Line 6 or something.

I can get some of that with my digitech RP250 pedal. All of my 4.x clips in profile were done with that (please excuse my novice playing).

If I had to guess he probably has a whole bunch of things turned on to get that not to mention the fact that he has 2 - 5150 IIs and the right guitar. He mentioned Delay already.

Delay, compression, sustainer, Wah, OD/Boost, chorus, compressor, noise gate, all that chit.