Hey guys, this is a song I've been working on this week. It's a little more easy-going then what I usually play, and I can't really pinpoint the genre, as I like to delve into many at once, but I primarily listen to metalcore at the moment. I hope you enjoy it, I'll return critique if possible. I double tracked the last riff to get the cool effect of the slightly differing pitched harmonics
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really liked it...
but i would really suggest adding some more reverb in those guitars ...
but this track rocks
I listened to "Fight of FLight" and "Anticipation" Both were good tracks, and I heard a lot of good ideas in there. The guitars did seem a bit thin though, someone above said more reverb and I agree with that. Maybe a little delay on the lead parts too-not too much but a little goes a long way in helping the tone. All I really can say is put some bass and vocals on the tracks, maybe double the guitas for a thicker sound, and work on the drums a bit more. Overall, very good job.
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hey thanks for checking out my track and for the good input

i took a listen to your new track, and youre right, it is pretty easy going. i found it very enjoyable. it had a nice rhythm to it. the intro is pretty interesting, with the two leads going on at once. maybe you could put a rhythm guitar doing some powerchords in the background. some parts sound like they need powerchords to fatten it up. at other times, the lead riffing by itself is good. the outtro was pretty much awesome with the two tracks doing different pinch harmonics, it sounded pretty badass.

Thanks guys I'll take all of your advice into consideration for my next recordings/when I re-record these two. I don't really know where to go with drumtracks as they often take me a long time to make using software and I'm never happy with the turn-out. A lot of people have told me the drums sound out of place in Fight or Flight, so I guess I need to do a little bit of listening to get a good feel for drum section. As for the reverb, I'll get right on that, I was hoping I wasn't using too many effects, but if you guys think it'll beef it up, why not. As for the powerchord backing, I had the exact same thought earlier. A lot of my songs are more riff driven than rhythm, so I guess as a whole I need to focus more on the rhythmic elements of my recordings.
Thanks for the crit. You got some sweet riffs in there..the drum track is a bit iffy though..I'm liking the song overall.. and I thought the riff at the end was great..good stuff.
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Hey man I really like the riffs in fight or flight. The one at :33 was very good, also the one after it. The drums sound fine in most places for me, maybe a little off during the solo. The riff after the solo is great, i like the harmonics. I think the guitar tone is pretty good, you should look into getting ezdrummer or something like that, it'll make it really easy to get drum tracks done fast, and sounding realistic. Anticipation is cool when the distorted guitar kicks in.

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