I'm curious, should I buy one of these and put it together?

Or should I just jump straight to building a guitar from scratch?
It depends on how much you are going to spend on a kit, and what you want to get out of it.

I built a guitar from a kit, a Saga kit, and had to replace nearly all of the hardware so it would even be playable. It's now all gone, and I'm rebuilding it properly this time. I did however learn an awful lot about the process of finishing a guitar, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

If you have the skills and tools, I'd just go straight into building, as assembling a kit really isn't going to teach you a whole lot about the building process.
What about buying bodies and necks from somewhere such as Warmoth? Because I was thinking about making an Explorer using a body and neck from there.
assembling won't do much, maybe instead, buy a cheap epi or something, sand all finish off, practice fret work, re finish, learn electronics, and the general process of building a guitar before you jump right in and do exactly that,
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you can get necks and bodies through allparts and WD music...

I can get you a discount on anything you need (if you're from the USA)
Support your local luthier!

Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology
If you are going to go the kit route i would go to byoguitar.com (i have no affiliation with them). The kit i bought was a little more expensive then the sagas you see on ebay but it is better quality as well. It has a three piece mahogany body with mahogany neck a licensed FR double locking trem and all those goodies. They are however a little more labor heavy than a saga but thats good. You have to locate and drill the studs for the FR fit the neck to the pocket locate and drill the neck holes. Basically all thats done for you is the routing. From putting mine together i learned alot and as soon as i can get the money together I am going to do my own custom build. Hope i helped and sry about rambling
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