Yup, I managed to break all the blocks off on my Edge I was changing strings so I'm about put a 9V batter in the cavity to keep the trem from falling in and well, the arm slipped off my hands the trem fell in the cavity fast before I put the battery in there.

So is there a way to buy new string blocks and install them in the saddles instead of buying a whole new Edge which cost me the exact amount money I spent on the guitar itself? Or just go the store in Arvada where they can fix it for me although I don't really know how much they'll charge (plus I need the money for a cab so...).

So what UGers?
first you should have put the block in before even taking the strings off.
Second, You can just use small blocks of metal, or buy them off ebay. (there are heaps of sets for sale on ebay)

Haha lol i wouldv'e been funny to watch them little suckers fly,
That gives me an idea for a new sling shot
And how would I install the blocks? I can't just toss them into the saddles. I tried putting the loose blocks back into the saddles and tuning suck and the low E string won't stay clamped down.
^ Yeah, I did that. Works fine until the low E string kept on popping out of the saddle whenever I need to tighten the string. Maybe it's the .46 gauge, but it works fine before.
Nah, the string is fine. The block and the screw just won't clamp the thing and I don't want to overtighten it and break the saddle too.
Like getting the blocks onto the screws again? Nope, can't do that. If I tilt the guitar upside down the blocks will fall off. The edge itself is worn out but it hold tuning down before.
Yeah, I try that and I can tighten it so the they go all the way to the other side. But it's only the low E string that can't be lock down. The other 5 are secured except for that one. That's why I'm wondering if it's the .46 guage size or just that saddle + block are messed up.
I'll try that although it will long and I'm expecting several packages of strings
If the saddle block can get all the way to the front wall of the saddle then it should be able to lock down the thickest string of all... I can't figure this out at all. It doesn't even sound realistic.
I rememmber having the same problem with my edge - two of the string blocks were worn out to the point that they didnt even hold E1 (!). I don't know how i managed to string my guitar back then but it was a lot of fuss. Lately i decided to clean the whole guitar (it became very rusty and so on), and tried to fix those pesky string blocks. I took them out of string saddles and used a set of metal-files to make the side of the block that holds the string smooth and even again. It took a lot of work, because the groove it those blocks was like 1mm deep (!). But the effect wac satisfying. I was able to string my ibanez and none of the strings slipped out during the process. The best thing would be to buy new string blocks, but what i described can be good for making them work as intended again.

Sorry if my post is unclear, but i just got out of bed, and i'm not thinking very well at this hour..