I've recently up-graded to Windows Vista, and all of a sudden my computer display has gone very large, all my icons are huge, as are the font sizes, etc... My point is how do i change back to normal??, im no great wiz with these kinds of things, and i didnt know where else to turn, PLEASE HELP ME PIT!!!
yea also right click the desktop and make sure the icons are displayed as "Classic"...

I actually have been running vista for about a year now and love it at this time. It did bug me for a few months as I got sued to it and it had it's glitches but these days I run it in my recording studio doing audio and video work so I use a lot of hardware and yet it still all works fine.

You just need a fair PC with 1-2GB RAM and a video card if you want to run all the neat graphics... I use a simly $100 8600GT card.
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hahahaa. yeah. screen res. vista ultimate is amazing..
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