i am looking over some mod kits they have and i am intrested in a few. but some prices seem kinda scammish low. has anyone bought from them? like a floyd fast loader for 65 usd? shouldnt they be 200? thanks
yep they are legit.

well I know their pickups are, alot of people replace their stock one with them.

You do realise it is going to be a licensed FR though, not an original for $65
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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They are legit but yes some of their stuff is way to cheap to be of good quality. So A 60$ FR isnt going to be a real one. Just as their 25$ "good as grover" are actually cheap asian import tuners. They were the exact same tuners that I was trying to replace on a low end epi LP.
Their GFS pickup lines have quite a reputation, though. Being so cheap and all.

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I have purchased from them. Most of their products for Fender Teles and Strats are excellent. I bought two sets of strat pups and the set I installed is fabulous. Also I have a set of vintage style tuners that I have yet to install but look to be exact replicas of klusons. I buy all my electronics from them as well (pots, wiring kits, etc.). I highly recommend them!

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PM me if you are interested!
I ordered strat pickups, Tele pickguard and a Wilkinson Compensated Tele bridge from them with no complaints
Stay away from teir FR stuff which is single locking crap, and know what you're getting and you'll be fine. They are good for smaller stuff or filling out projects, but most of what they sell will not exceed the OEM stuff on a guitar that is more than a couple hundred bucks.