I've been playing for just over two years, and very rarely played electric.. I have a few acoustics that i love but it's time to join a band and so i need a good electric. My budget is 450 pounds (I'm English). I don't really know what i'm doing in the electric guitar market so i wana run a few of my options through with the experts on here!

Gordon Smith GS1.5.
Pros - very cool.
Two single coil pick ups and one humbucker (If you pull the volume switch up it changes the humbucker into a single coil somehow). So you can get the humbucker richer, fatter sound.
Hand made in Manchester, where i'm from.
Sound is great.

Cons - Just doesn't feel as comfortable as a strat does, due to no contours.
The most expensive of my options at £451.

Fender Mexican Standard Strat.
Pros - huge range of sounds as you all know, although no humbucker.
Reliable, you know it can do the job, its a strat! Little risk.

Cons - I just think that it's so standard. I think the strat has lost some of it's wow factor. I think the others are cooler with more of an impact. No one says "wow he's playing a strat!" that i've heared.
I can only afford the mexican which just isn't as good as the american

Epiphone Semi Hollow- Either Sheraton II or Casino, either way.
Pros - I think the semi hollows are so cool!
The beatles used them!
Good sound, can get them for a reasonable price (Around £400)
Quite easy to play rhythm guitar rather than lead (what i play)

Cons - Heavier than the Strat or the GS.
Just less comfy than the strat to have in your arms whilst seated.

Gretsch Corvette -
Only really flirting with the idea. I like bigsby tremolos. Quite like the style of the guitar, but not really looked into it too much.

What do you all think?

I know that the epiphone semi hollows and strat-like guitars are completely different but i''m not really looking for one specific style, i'm told both can play rock n rollish indie like the kings of leon, or oasis... The kind of music i wana play.
A general rule of thumb: You will rarely find something that feels better then a strat in your hands I know at least 10 people that feel the same with a strat.
I'd suggest you go by the store again and check them out, see which one plays better, and which one you would be willing to play for huge amounts of time.

My choice though would be the Gordon Smith guitars. They're hand made, so expect awesome quality, they will surely sound unique, whereas a strat will be "a strat", and last but not least, it will make your sound unique too, so your takes will surely stand out!

Have fun and pick whatever you feel like

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It's about personal taste - I wouldn't trade in my casino for a strat, no particular reason ('cos I do love a nice strat) so a good idea is to find the guitars you're intrested in, in a shop and try them out

Incidently have you budgeted for an amp as well? (someone's bound to ask a similar question eventually)
Strats are designed to be compfortable. That's why they are, that's why they rule! But you are correct in you statements. Everybody's got a strat, it is the standard.
The semi hollow will limit your options of tone. They do not handle distortion well at all, so you'll be limited to clean and mildly distorted tones.
Gretch makes great guitars but Bigby's can be a little bit of a beast to deal with as far as tuning goes.
All in all, I think the best choice is the GS1.5. (by the way, the humbucker switching to single coil is called coil tapping, it's all in how it's wired) With a SSH configuration and a coil tapped bridge humbucker, you open yourself up to many many tone options. It's handmade so the quality will be fantastic. Just make sure you play before you buy, but I think this is the clear winner!

EDIT: Noticed your music style choices, for the amount of Distortion you will need to play that kind of music the epiphone will handle that much, but not much more. I still say go with the GS1.5 though.
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Quote by Burpbelly

Incidently have you budgeted for an amp as well? (someone's bound to ask a similar question eventually)

I've not budgeted for an amp, but I will start saving up again as soon as i've bought the guitar. I've got a strat squier which is painful, but the amp that came with that is, apparently, allright for now.. Especially because I mainly jam with my drummer friend in school where they have quite good marshall's and we're going to start booking practice rooms too once we get our bassist and singer!

Thanks for the advice everyone, keep it coming if there is anything different you have to say or can reccomend!

Also, the Gordon Smith workshop is in Paddleton, which is probably only like half an hour from my house... So could be easy help if it is faulty!
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