On songs like Breed, lithium, teen spirit, lounge act... Pretty much the gear used in the album Nevermind.
I'm not sure, but I have read that the distortion comes from a Boss DS1 pedal...
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The guitars used were his competition Mustang, his Jaguar, and a new Stratocaster(s) with humbuckers in the bridge positions . Kurt purchased a bunch of Japanese Strats (had humbuckers installed in the bridges) and effects for this album from Rick King of Guitar Maniacs. Just prior to recording this album Kurt apparently developed a taste for Fender guitars. It has been said his main amp was a Mesa/Boogie Studio but the recording setup was really similar, if not identical, to his upcoming live setup (purchased before entering the studio): Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp with a Crown power amp and a variety of Marshall cabinets. In live performances, his Crown power amp was eventually replaced with 2 Crest power amps He also used a Fender Bassman on about four songs and a Vox AC30 for some clean tracks. Four microphones were used to mic Kurt's speaker cabinet (he would pick which mic he liked best for each song and its signal was sent through the Neve console at Sound City): a Shure SM57, an AKG 414, a Neumann U87, and occasionally a Sennheiser 421. His main effects were the DS-1 Distortion and Small Clone. A ProCo Rat distortion pedal was also used on some songs on the album (6).

According to Vig, the Small Clone was the key to "the watery guitar sound you hear on the pre-chorus build-up of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and also 'Come As You Are.'" An Electro-Harmonix Big Muff fuzz box was used on "Lithium" for that "dark, thumpier sound." Vig recalls using the U87 mike on "Lithium" because it wasn't so bright and had a heavier sound.

"Polly" was recorded at Vig's Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin during demo sessions for "Nevermind" with his 12-string Harmony Stella. It only had 5 nylon strings on it that were never changed. Tuned down about a step and a half from E and recorded with an AKG 414 microhone

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Its pretty much a heavy distortion and the signature chorus and flanger that kurt used to use.
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