looking to purchase a new guitar, looking at a gibson flying v or a strat of similar price range, can anyone tell me about the pros/cons for both of these instruments???
No cons of a strat

because there the best in the world


Strat pros: compfy as all hell, great clean tone, decent distorted tone, light weight, easy to repair, TONS of aftermarket customizing ideas
Strat cons: everyone's got one, unless its a fat strat the really high gain stuff is out of the question

Flying V pros: Great looks, Great tone, fun to play standing, plays great, can do really any style imaginable
Flying V cons: Total bitch to play sitting unless you practice it alot (I do) not so easy to repair, (set neck), not alot of aftermarket parts, Kinda heavy.

I own V's and strats, so I've been there.
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No cons of a strat

because there the best in the world

i feel sorry for you

strats for cleans have that trebbly popping sound, also depends on your amp. but their high gain sound doesnt have as much balls as a flying V... it all comes down to what amp you have.
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Well, what do you want to play? I mean, you are comparing a mahogany, set-neck, double humbucker guitar with an alder, bolt on, single coil guitar. It's like comparing an apple with an orange, the only thing they share is falling off trees.
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