hi has anybody got any tips or links on how to learn how to improvise? everytime i try to do it its exactly the same kinda thing and its irritating me
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Have an idea of what you want to sound like in your head before you play anything, and actually listen to what you're playing rather than mindlessly moving your fingers...remember, the guitar only does what you tell it to.
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The most important thing is silences. What I mean is, you play a few notes (a lick, phrase, whatever) and then stop and try to think another phrase that makes sense after the first one. An easy way to start improvising is playing a note, then another, and play around with these two. Then add another, and another, and so on. That is how I improvise and it works!
to improv:
a) learn at least the pentatonic and blues scales
b) study the guys you wanna play like, see how they use whatever scales they use
c) try singing a made-up line and playing it at the same time. this will help you to build expression in your playing
d) play along with songs.
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