Hello guys.
Whats this seconds topic? Rebuilding a fender jaguar and i need to solve this. Kurts 1965 customized fender jaguar has two volume and one tone knob but on all jaguars you have only two tunners. Ok how the hell they put the third in between those two? All jaguars have the same tunner plates - i mean the same size - do you think its custom cut? Or they just drilled one extra hole in an original plate?
tunner plate.JPG
jag tunner.JPG
It was a Mustang/Jaguar Cross, not an actual Jaguar I think?
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It was a Mustang/Jaguar Cross, not an actual Jaguar I think?

Yeah, he used a Jag-stang.

Looks to me like a custom plate. Just drill a hole and wire a volume pot into the guitar.
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What's a tunner? I thought it was called a control plate.
In the first picture, it looks like a reshaped jazz bass control plate.
yeah its a control plate, i dont care - it was just a mistake. I thought that ist a jazzbass c plate too but its a bit different shape - jaguar is a bit curved jazzbass is streight
second pic is a mustang.
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second pic is a mustang.

yeah thats what i thought he used though
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