I'm looking to buy an amp to use in my house. I play classic rock, blues, country and very rarely metal. What do you guys think of the Fender Super Champ? I was thinking about this one because it's a tube amp and has some effects and amp models built in. My budget for the amp is $300-$500. If there are other suggestions for a small tube amp with no effects or modeling I'm not opposed to buying pedals. Thanks!
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Its not a bad amp great for practising and small gigs, dunno how it will hold out in the long run though. Mines going good after 3 months
I've heard nothing but good things about this amp. Where I live though I absolutely have to have a headphone feature. Otherwise I'd be playing it right now instead of surfin' the net.
you should prolly goto the store and try it out next to a vox valvetronix. both are semi tube modelers that are good for clean and midgain stuff.
If it's just to play at home, Valve Junior and some pedals.
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+ 1 look into a Epi VJ with a couple pedals you will love it. some cheap and easy mods and you can have a little tone monster. give it a try see if you can use a couple pedals. get a reverb and a eq pedal and some dirt if you want. and just sit and listen to how good it sounds. then think about ordering new tubes. under $20 and only sweeten the sound and if you want a ton a ways to mod it.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
I played the SuperChamp and liked it a lot. Prolly won't do metal real well, but doesn't sound like that is big deal. Go play this, a Blues Jr, the Epi, Valvetronix and maybe a Vypyr too - I hear it has some clean/blues/classic rock settings.

A Crate V would work too, but you'd be hard pressed to find one to play first at their current prices. Check a Blackheart too if you want go strictly valve amp + pedals.